Accident, Critical Illness & Hospital Indemnity Plans

Individuals & Families

Accidents happen. Be financially prepared.

Protect yourself and your savings. With Accident Elite from USAble Life, you’ll be ready when the unexpected occurs. Accidents like fractures, concussions, and lacerations are more common than you think and you’ll need to be prepared to cover unplanned expenses as you recover. Accident Elite provides supplemental protection on or off the job with cash paid directly to you so you can pay medical expenses such as deductibles or keep up with everyday bills like mortgage, utilities, and car payment. Benefits include emergency room charges, ambulance, hospital admission, plus many more. With multiple plan options available to you and your family, you can get the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

You may wish to consider one of these three affordable plans from USAble Life, which pay lump sum cash when you qualify with a covered incident:

  • Critical Illness coverage
  • Accident Insurance
  • Hospital Confinement coverage
Critical Illness

Protection for Critical Times

With Critical Illness coverage from USAble Life, you can breathe easier.

Cancer, heart attack, stroke… We all know someone that has experienced a critical illness and the devastating effects these illnesses can have. With Critical Illness coverage, you can help protect your finances with cash benefits paid to you when you’re diagnosed with a covered illness. You can use the lump sum payment (available up to $50,000) to pay for things like deductibles, mortgage/rent, car payment, credit cards or other expenses. For as little as $5.00 a month*, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have financial relief when an illness strikes.

*Premium based on $10,000 individual standard coverage for 30-39 year old non-smoker.

Hospitality Indemnity

Coverage Above & Beyond

With Hospital Confinement from USAble Life, put your worries to rest.

When you’re hospitalized, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to pay your bills. Get the extra protection you need and a supplemental income that is paid directly to you to help offset unexpected expenses that can add up quickly. You can use the cash for whatever you need it most – medical out-of-pocket costs, mortgage/rent, or even childcare while you are in the hospital. Choose from several plans based on your budget and needs.

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