BlueMedicare Regional PPO

BlueMedicare Regional PPO is all about flexibility and predictability. Available everywhere in Florida, BlueMedicare Regional PPO members have the freedom to choose their own doctors and hospitals, with no referrals necessary for most health care services.

Use providers inside our extensive BlueMedicare Regional PPO network and enjoy affordable copays, or visit out-of-network providers for a higher out-of-pocket cost.

Plus, BlueMedicare Regional PPO provides Medicare Part D Prescription Drug coverage for generic and brand name drugs with mail order pharmacy benefits included for their convenience.

With zero monthly plan premiums, modest fixed copays and maximum out-of-pocket limits, BlueMedicare Regional PPO members can budget their health care costs without changing their lifestyle.

Please note that with any Medicare Advantage plan, members are required to continue paying their Medicare Part B (medical insurance) premium unless paid for by Medicaid or another third party. This is a Medicare Advantage plan, not a Medicare Supplement plan.

What are the benefits of a BlueMedicare Regional PPO plan?

  • Zero monthly plan premium
  • Modest, predictable copayments and coinsurance
  • Freedom to choose doctors and hospitals
  • Extensive Regional PPO network
  • Preventive care services with no copayment
  • Includes prescription drug coverage with
  • In-network travel coverage when using another Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan’s Medicare Advantage PPO network
  • Worldwide emergency coverage for medically-necessary services regardless of network

Who’s eligible?

Individuals are eligible for benefits if they live in the BlueMedicare Regional PPO service area and:

Are entitled to Medicare Part A and are enrolled in Medicare Part B

Do not currently have ESRD (end-stage renal disease). If they develop ESRD while they are enrolled in a BlueMedicare Regional PPO, they will continue to receive benefits.

Have had a kidney transplant and no longer require dialysis.

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