Dental Insurance

Individuals & Families

BlueDental plans, offered through Florida Combined Life Insurance Company, Inc., are an affordable way to protect against the cost of checkups, cavities, crowns and more. You’ll benefit from significant savings depending upon the treatment needed. 

You have a choice of low-cost plans that come with:

  • A large network of general dentists and specialists throughout Florida
  • No-hassle claims––no paperwork to submit with participating dentists
  • Low or no cost cleanings and preventive services
  • Access your benefits and claims online 24/7
Affordable Dental
Individual Plan

BlueDental insurance policies offer affordable dental coverage with great value and protection. Individual members get benefits comparable to those available in many group dental plans including an extensive provider network* and a simplified enrollment process.

Whether your client is an individual or an employee covered by group insurance, we have a dental plan for them. Now that’s something to smile about! BlueDental Individual Plans include:

BlueDental CareSM Individual Plan (FI315) is a prepaid insurance policy that provides benefits for cleanings and dental services through a network* of providers. This plan requires members to choose a general dentist who coordinates their care. There are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions, and no deductibles. It’s a worry free-plan that offers great coverage for a great price.

Why choose BlueDental Care?

Members choose BlueDental Care because it’s a hassle-free, predictable, lower cost plan that’s easy to use. Minimum applicant age is 18.  Plan participation is 12 months and requires a one-time enrollment fee of $35.  In-network benefits only.

Members can expect:

  • Access to an extensive statewide network of providers
  • No or low-cost preventive and basic dental services
  • Ability to change dentists at any time
  • No annual maximum benefits
  • No claim forms to submit

Plan features include:

  • Low monthly premiums available
  • Low office visit copayment ($15)
  • Preventive services like regular cleanings for little or no cost
  • Low copayments for many other dental services
  • Discounts of 25% on standard fees of participating specialists, including orthodontists

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Contact us for more information. Minimum applicant age is 18. Plan participation is 12 months and requires a one-time enrollment fee of $35. In-network benefits only.
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