Life Insurance & Disability

LifeEssentials Term Life and BlueRestore Disability
Term life insurance is the most affordable form of life insurance available.


When you consider that nearly half of all life insurance covering American families against the loss of a breadwinner is in the form of term life insurance, it’s easy to see how this coverage can be incredibly valuable to your client.

The benefits of offering LifeEssentialsSM Term Life insurance, offered through our affiliate, Florida Combined Life include:

Provide its members with financial security for their loved ones in the event of death

Members can purchase a number of additional coverage options and riders if their employer offers them

If members don’t have life insurance or want to supplement their existing life insurance coverage, LifeEssentials can give them added security with a cost that is much lower than most permanent insurance policies

LifeEssentials Plans for Small Groups include:

  • LifeEssentials – Basic Group Term Life
  • LifeEssentials – Dependent Group Term Life
  • LifeEssentials – Supplemental Group Term Life
  • LifeEssentials – Voluntary Group Term Life

Our BlueRestoreSM Disability Insurance policy offers your clients the peace of mind of knowing their employees have income protection should a disabling condition strike that keeps them out of work.

BlueRestore – Disability and Voluntary Disability for Groups

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